Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Garden @ Garden View Lodge

A Project Sponsored by: New Horizon’s for Seniors & the Lethbridge Healthy Communities Committee

With summer months right around the corner, the Lethbridge Healthy Communities Committee, in association with Garden View Lodge (by the Lethbridge Community Health office) and New Horizon’s for Senior’s, is looking for volunteers to help with the Garden @ Garden View Lodge. We have planted a large vegetable garden along with raspberry/Saskatoon/blackberry bushes, apple & black walnut trees. The project includes a raised box herb and strawberry garden behind Garden View Lodge.; see below for a list of what has been planted.
New Horizons would like to see seniors from the community, children and regional health staff and other organizations involved with this project.
If you are interested in helping to plant or weed the garden during the coming months, please contact Heather @ 403-388-6653 or

Seeds & Plants:
Green House Tomatoes – Variety
Cherry Tomatoes
Beef Steak Tomatoes
Zucchini – Dark Green, Golden Dawn III Zucchini, Onyx Zucchini
Carrots – Nantes Coreless, Yaya Carrot
Peas – Little Marvel
Pumpkin – Small Sugar
Butternut Squash
Winter Squash Collection – Vesey 4 Mix
Vegetable Spaghetti Squash
Cantaloupe - Alaska Muskmelon
Watermelon - Vista Watermelon
Yellow Beans – Golden Wax
Green Beans - Tendergreen
Eggplant - Dusky Eggplant
Beets – Early Wonder
Lettuce – Romaine, Spinach (Olympia), Butternut, Mesclun Mixture (Mild Mix), Mesclun Salad Collection
Green Onions – Evergreen White Bunching
Yellow Onions – Sweet Spanish Utah
Purple Onion - Red Beauty Onion
Cucumber – Muncher
Pepper - Green

Chives, Garlic Chives, Broadleaf Chives
Dill - Bouquet Dill
Parsley – Moss Curled, Italian Dark Green Parsley
Basil - Sweet
Oregano & Greek Oregano – Seed & Bedding Out Plant
Sage – Garden, Purple & Perennial
Mint – Regular & Chocolate
Sweet Marjoram
Garlic - Spring Garlic Sets
German Winter Thyme

Strawberries – Temptation Strawberry, Kent Strawberry, All Season Strawberry, Everbearing Strawberries Collection (Vesey 4 Variety Pack)
Rhubarb - Crimson Cherry Rhubarb & Red Rhubard
Blackberry - Balsors Hardy Black
Raspberry - Nova Raspberry
Saskatoon Bushes – 3 Varieties

Apple Tree
Black Walnut Tree

Sunflower – Earth Walker & The Bee’s Knees Hybrid
Marigold – Discovery Orange Hybrid
Morning Glory
Cut Flowers
Bee Balm
Hummingbird Mix
Sweet Peas

Thank you to Lakeview and Fleetwood Elementary Schools for healping us plants our Garden

Tuesday May 26 1-3 pm Grade 3 Class from Fleetwood - Mrs. J. Parkinson
Wednesday May 27 from 1-3 pm Grade 4 Class from Lakeview - Mr. M. Howg
Thursday May 28 from 1-3 pm Grade 1-2 Class from Fleetwood - Ms. Jen Staples

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